About Ura Spa

"At a typical spa, you might find treatments that focus on surface beauty, services that focus on anti-aging, or those that aim to slim the body. Ura Spa offers these too, but sets itself apart with its clinical series of treatments, which are medically-supervised and come with a results guarantee. Signature treatments include radio-frequency skin tightening, body wraps, and laser liposculpture. Of course, there are also services available for those who just want to feel like a queen for a day. The Baño de Luna treatment, for example, includes natural body-hair bleaching, body exfoliation, and organic moisturizing massage, and is supposedly inspired by Cleopatra's own beauty routine."


Ura Spa
349 Miracle Mile Coral Gables Fl 33134, Phone: (786) 391.1274, Email: info@uraspa.com

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